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This show signifies the fanatical in all of us when it comes to our team. And, we broacdcast this fanaticism straight from a barber shop. Hill's Barber Shop as a matter of fact. This barber shop is where men and women can talk a little trash....and that's exactly what happens. "Never Had It So Good Sports Radio," is a reality show on the radio. There are some regulars in the shop and there are some first timers. But, eventually on our radio show we get around to your team and you just have to chime in. 


People ask all the time, "what's with the long name of the show?" But, I couldn't have picked a better name. If you asked the owner of the shop how he is doing his consistent answer has always been, "Never Had It So Good." I found the name of the show should represent the same words. 


We discuss a lot of hot topics and we make bold predictions. Sometimes too bold! But, it works. 


We air live on Monday and Wednesdays at 5:00 pm as I sit down with different sports icons, players, and coaches in all sports. We then come to you from a location at Hill's Barber Shop every Friday at 5:00 pm. Please join us on line and in person. 


We love call ins and you can so do at 347.637.3286. 





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